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So just who is Aimee Maree?

Web3 Pioneer, Blockchain Developer, NFT Lover, Computer Scientist, Open Web Architect, Linux Administrator, Accessibility Engineer, CMS Aficionado, Instructional Designer, Computer Interaction and Human Cognition Researcher, Disability Advocate, Youth Mentor, Public Speaker, Problem Solver, Student of Law, Future Thinker, Costume Artist, Creator/Maker/Hacker, Dedicated Gardener, Inquisitive Mind, Eternal Student, Optimistic, World Wide Traveler

Public Speaking

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Where I have worked and what I have done

During my career I have aimed to expand my horizons by walking a non-lineal path, seeking new exposures and experiences rather than climbing a ladder. This approach has seen me take opportunities that have pushed the limitations of my knowledge and enabled me to grow my skills in a variety of roles. These many roles have seen me; performing user research, developing content management systems, developing messaging security policies, network infrastructure rollouts, software licensing management, compliance audits, research officer for software beta pilots and managing production cycles for licensed merchandise.

Having spent most of my career performing Open Source and Web Accessibility Advocacy these areas will always remain a focus for me. Though recently you will also find me discussing the intersection of Technology, Society, and Law. I have been involved in web3 since 2012, giving the first talk at Open Source Developers Conference about Bitcoin and the future of money. These past few years I have chosen to dedicate myself to web3 and you will find me around meetups and conferences speaking or listening to future ideas and the progression of web3.

Always enjoy talking to people sharing my knowledge, but my greatest love is learning from others.

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Academic Experience

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. - Benjamin Franklin

Post Graduate Certificate in International Project Management, Torrens University, 2019


Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology with Honours, Southern Cross University, 2009 - 2012

Cognitive Load Theory and Human Computer Interaction Research.

Commerce and Management Faculty Scholarship for High Academic Achievement.


Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Computing, Southern Cross University, 2007 - 2008 

Industry Project - Holiday Letting Content Management System for ByronBay.com

Women in Technology Award for High Academic Achievement.


Advanced Certificate in Web Development, 2006

Development of custom Content Management System Framework.


Advanced Diploma in E Security, 2004

Cisco Networking Academy; CCNP.


Diploma in Network Engineering, 2002

Cisco Networking Academy; CCNA.


Advanced Diploma in Apparel Manufacturing, 2000

Paper - Benefits of Just in Time Manufacturing.


Understand well as I may, my comprehension can only be an infinitesimal fraction of all I want to understand.

Ada Lovelace

World Wide

Where have I been? Or maybe where am I going...

Aimee Maree and Kate Russell

I believe that travel expands the heart and broadens the mind and have spent a large part of my technology career traveling the world to work, attend Technology conferences and partake in Open Source community events. If not speaking or helping to organise an event I try to volunteer my time in any way possible from room monitoring, to after conference clean-up, and social media advocacy. I hold an Australian and European citizenship and always up for an offer to relocate and experience new surroundings for the right opportunity.

Where have I been?

During 2010 and 2012 I was travelling around Europe and Malta, where I became involved in the Bitcoin community helping run BitCoin 2012 conference, mentoring for Mozilla Student Open Data projects, helping out on World Web Foundation projects, running EU Communications Law workshops, performing advocacy for One Laptop Per Child and Open Source dual licensing initiatives.

In 2014 I moved across to Portland and Seattle (USA) working for Mozilla on their User Advocacy Team focusing on FireFoxOS.

During 2015 I was aiding NSW State Library as the Solutions Architect for their web presence upgrade project.

Between 2016 and 2017 saw me involved in developing Accessible Web Solutions and retrofitting accessibility for existing projects throughout Sydney and Brisbane, involved in Architecture and Development for Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018 and ING online banking accessibility update.

In 2018 I was involved with a "Codifying Law" project with CSIRO and Price waterhouse Coopers. Second half of the year had me running up and down the North Coast of NSW rolling out pop-up mobile networks for large scale music events.

In 2019 I did some accessibility retrofitting and reverse engineering for some online products. I did some more travel around USA and spoke at OSCON Ignite (sadly it will be the last one ever). Also spent more time in Sydney this year speaking in a panel at Web Directions on New Money future considerations regarding web development and Bitcoin. Delivered  a talk on Accessibility API for a11ycamp.

Another exciting challenge was entering myself into full-time study during 2019. I wanted to pick up my management and literacy skills and completed a Post Graduate Certificate in International Project Management with Torrens University. My focus was to look specifically into international and dispersed team management and risk management process design. To add to these areas I enrolled with Swinburne where I studied two subjects in Research Statistics and Probability Theory.

So what am I doing right now?

So COVID that thing, well during 2020 and 2021 I did not do much in the way of development projects. I did however teach myself day trading and dived deeper into cryptography and zero knowledge proofs. Talking wise I actually got to attend the last two years of "Blockchain Trend Predictions" with Blockchain Professionals Sydney. I also started studying my certificate in workplace training and assessment as well as continue on with legal studies.

My company Aficionado Tech sat on the committee for cyber security in the Blockchain Roadmap for Australia and looking into future uses and polciy concerns facing Australias adoption of Blockchain technology.

So just where am I headed?

Well currently I am undertaking study in Justice and Law because web3, blockchain and law seem to have a nice fit together and for many my study into Law does not come as a shock but a natural progression.  So I am continuing on with my studies and always open to discuss possible work challenges.

Does any of us ever really know where the future will take us or what it is holding, sometimes the journey is more important than the destination...

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